Ciasta i ciasteczka

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Apple Roses I want to try these with the pears from the pear tree
Pie Crust Ideas > +  Video demonstrates how to crimp pie dough into: a wide scallop, a twisted rope, and a shaft of wheat.
Make theese lovely swans of a good buttery cookie-dough with pearlsugar sprinkled on top. Complements  a cup of Tea, a glas of milk or a mug of coffee.   c",) Enjoy!.... MR
Make beautiful roses with ease! The FMM Sugar Flower Cutter comes in two different sizes: one regular and one small! Create your easiest and quickest sugar roses yet, and use these versatile tools to bring continuous ruffles and other effects to life as well.
szybko i smacznie czyli ciasto na herbatnikach
Kruche ciasto z mlecznym budyniem i jagodami
Warstwowy sernik na zimno: (Cold Blueberry Polish Cheesecake) (Google Translate)
niebo na talerzu: Najlepsze babeczki z budyniem i truskawkami
Podróże kulinarne - Ciasto herbatnikowe
Prosty sernik na zimno z truskawkami