Sadly, it usually is and they are.

Totally feeling this today! not my circus, not my monkeys - polish proverb that means "not my problem.

My Jesus

A Psalm of David. The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? -Psalm (KJV) my psalms my favorite

And mine is amazing beyond words.

the effect wives can have on husbands whether positive or negative. A man who receives no respect at home will not demand it elsewhere. Be your husbands biggest fan & be his most fierce defender - it pays great dividends to a relationship.

Staircase Decals - Would love to rip off the carpet on my stairs, paint and add decals; awesome idea!

Wall Decal - Stairway Decal - In this house - STAIR CASE - Art Wall Decals Wall Stickers Vinyl Decal Quote 'I want this on my stairs when I get a house!


Bądź wdzięczny za każdy dzień, który minął, bo on już nigdy się nie powtórzy

Błogosławieni, którzy potrafią śmiać się... #Twardowski-Jan,  #Humor-i-dowcip

Błogosławieni, którzy potrafią śmiać się... #Twardowski-Jan, #Humor-i-dowcip

Bajki-Grajki nr 59 „Jacuś i Agatka”

Bajki-Grajki nr 59 „Jacuś i Agatka”

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ψΨψ웃Ψ웃 ☀ 웃Ψ웃ψΨ