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Starbucks drinks to try Strawberry refresher drink
there is a drink in the cup with ice on top and an advertisement above it
Hibiscus & Raspberry Refresher
a hand holding up a drink with raspberry lemonade
Peach Raspberry Lemonade | Summer Drinks | Starbucks Refresher | Starbucks secret menu drinks, Starbucks drinks diy, Cold starbucks drinks
there is a coffee art in the shape of a cat on it's face
Woman decides she wants to adopt a cat, one that had to be a middle-aged calico, and if she found such a cat she would it name it Bella. She goes to the shelter and is greeted by a 6-year-old calico ... named Bella. Serendipity, thy name is Caturday
a hand holding a pink smoothie in a jar with the words dragon fruit mango pineapple coconut water oat milk