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Dorota Chudzik

Dorota Chudzik
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Another bare branched tree on the list. If you love bare branched tree tattoos, consider this one for your next tree tattoo.

51 Watercolor Tattoo Ideas for Women

Watercolor tattoos are becoming a hot trend in the tattoo world with their unique designs, come check out some cool watercolor tattoos !


{I love that they look real, not cartoon but I believe this was either painted on or photo shopped, the edges of the"tattoo" are blurry}

I like the way the color is done in the background with the bold, clean black.

Watercolor Tattoos by Randy Ballesteros - Tattoo Designs For Women! This with "lead me to the cross" or "amazing grace" across it in cursive!

From Bolo Art Tattoo.

Rainbow coloured rose - This is one of my favorite best flower tattoos over the internet. Some love red roses, some love white, or blue, but a multi-colored tattoo beats them all! (One of Ellies tattoos)