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Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika von
Vagina dentata - nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition by chckn
Wayang Golek (“The eyes reappear”) by chckn
Between Wayang Kulit (“Dewa Ruci”) by chckn
3 iconic Cretan women wishing “sweetest of all” in some juicy entourage of colorful and glossy paper’s structure by chckn
Birthday Frida Kahlo with a snake-temper by chckn
A book dedication with some talking thinker - fish by chckn
The landscape after the battle: “Teatro da vertigem” by chckn
After a very long time of inactivity, truly rehabilitated Futura Robot has decided to visit this birthday card in order to adorn it with a pinch of industrial monochrome climat and her foreign language skills. On the other hand, colorful elements are provided by the crew of Wayang Golek puppets, hummingbird’s watchful eye and the fabulous young dancer (by chckn).
The place where Arcimboldo’s imitator finally meets the stunning Indonesian dancer, a talkative peafowl and the team of cogitative Kabuki actors: new birthday card. Inspired by papel amate again (by chckn)
Another birthday card, this time inspired by papel amate (by chckn)