Minerals and stones

I need bismuth. And several geodes, lots of druzzy and a bunch of other miraculous stuff! ~ Some of the most beautiful minerals and stones.I have a small specimen of bismuth.

Frost Claw by BryanSyme.:

Frost Claw by BryanSyme. I think Nightclaw or Ebonfang would fit better (F-ing Awesome.

This holy relic is inscribed with the runes spelling out the identity of a long dead god of justice

Paige: I like the idea of Fitz having a staff or longsword to defend himself with. I also want the weapon we choose to reflect their planet's history.

Evil Entity...

Evil Entity…

The Man's shadow exists in the Dark Space. Not violent, but all powerful. When chaos is your dad

Commission: EG201 SHOCKER Gauntlet by aiyeahhs on DeviantArt

This could be used for military purposes if it ever becomes made (:Tap The LINK NOW:) We provide the best essential unique equipment and gear for active duty American patriotic military branches, well strategic selected.We love tactical American gear

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