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As a lover of both ties and Cthulhu, this speaks to me in ways that no person should ever be spoken to by a garment accessory.

yhe Lovecraft is A R' lyeh Standard if Summon a necktie from its slumber Let the tie hang loosey upon ‘pour neck, deep w Tiethulu cthulu Tie elder gods


"Education is important, but big biceps are importanter" is not wrong because "importanter" is not a word, there also needs to be a period and education needs to be capitalized. Grammar win: Education is important, but big biceps are more important.

Today's #photo of the day is The Vøringfoss in #Norway by Kenny Louie.

Vøringfossen is the highest waterfall in Norway on the basis of total fall. It lies at the top of Måbødalen in the municipality of Eidfjord, in Hordaland . It has a total drop of 182 meters, and a major drop of 163 meters. - Posted by Muhammad Saeed