Dominika Zalewska
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Life drawing of a human figure - sitting woman.
대구화실, 미술, 회화, 정물수채화, 정물소묘, 인체수채화, 인체소묘, 입시미술, 취미미술, 그림 과정작 자료실
Life drawing of a human figure - sitting woman.
M1:: working out simple light and shadow masses for brunette hair, flesh and a scarf with some body to it.
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This is a figure drawing of a woman slightly staring down. The medium is pencil. I love the texture to the hair. It looks very realistic especially the light source of the face. What I would suggest is to add some value and contrast to the arm instead of only having value onto the face.
Inspirational Artworks: Miscellaneous 20th century russian drawings 2 many references
Jean-Baptiste Greuze Head of Woman 1765 16.95 x 13 in , Red Chalk , Private Collection