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March of Empires characters

m Fighter scale armor battle axe sword helm Norseman - color sketch by Borislav Mitkov on ArtStation.

Some fought naked. Celtic  warriors  in  an  impressive  artwork.  Note  the  two  naked  Gaesati/Gaesatae  warriors  in  the  frontline,  with  their  hair  stiffened  with  lime  or  lemon  juice.  Another  warrior  blows  the  ‘carnyx’,  the  Celtic  war  trumpet  (Copyright:  Zvezda  /Karatchuk  (artist)).

Celtic warriors in an impressive artwork. Note the two naked Gaesati/Gaesatae warriors in the frontline, with their hair stiffened with lime or lemon juice.

Gallic/Celtic noble warrior

Gaulish warrior from central Gaul century BC. This warrior is probably a chieftain or a wealthy noble being able to afford fine mail armour.