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Depression Monster - Sebastien Millon / Art & Illustration

on a tshirt would be awesome Depression Monster - Sebastien Millon / Art & Illustration

They say what doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger. Maybe taking the boogeyman out of mental illness will make a real difference.

The next time someone tells you that mental illness is in your head them them, "Well duh, where else is it going to be, my kidneys?

This is so true!!

The bear I made in home ec. was legitimately the original bipolar bear. I call plagiarism!

That's about right.. But it would probably be a shot..that you have to give the hip!  Lol!

How Many Medications Are Too Many? Chronically awesome patients can become overwhelmed with the amount of medications they take on a daily basis. It begs the question, how many are too many? Here is some advice on taking medication, but what do YOU think?