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historywars:    GREAT WAR WEAPONS

This sheet is a great informational piece to summarize information about some of the most important weapons invented during the great wars.

Great poster for #ESL and #ELL students!

Here is a great collection of idioms relating to the body from our friends over at Kaplan. Learn Body idioms with Kaplan If you enjoyed this article, get email updates (it's free).

Finding a stronger word with similar meaning.

For all the writers out there it can be difficult finding the perfect emotion for your character, whether your character is sad, angry, or surprised those words can seem to get a bit boring. so i introduce the Writer's Wheel of emotion. Enjoy - J.

Free Infographic: In Plain English, Please! (Part 1) | Creative Genius 101

"In Plain English, Please!" is a free infographic that shows you how to simplify your writing by using simple, common words. Great reference for business writers, freelance writers, and copy editors.

Build Heron's Fountain

how to build Heron's fountain--calls for three scavenged water bottles and rigid aquarium tubing<<I don't have kids, but I will try it anyways