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Born Chance Davis, Mara Paradox has been part of The Traveling Freak SideShow since January

Transsexual performance artist Mara Paradox, of Lubbock, Texas, is seen in her mugshot from Saturday with a skull tattoo on her face, inked eyeballs and a row of horns on her forehead.

Attack: 17, Speed: 17, Armor: 20, Firepower: 10, Shot Limit:25, Venom: 10, Jaw Strength: 11, Stealth: 14, Class: Boulder

Born once every hundred or so years, the Screaming Death has all the strengths of its subordinate cousin, the Whispering Death, with none of the weaknesses.

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Wendy the Muscle Whippet. Visit our Page -► ツ Amazing Facts & Nature ツ ◄- For more. This cartoonishly muscled-dog is a whippet named Wendy. She has a genetic disorder causing ridiculous muscular growth, making her basically the incredible Hu