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Package Design for Springs' Smokery by Distil Studio — BP&O - created via
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Aidells Sausage by The Engine Room
Meat Package, oh yeah. by Elizabeth Gilmore
Now I want to try some duck after seeing this packaging. I haven't had any since I was in China curated by Packaging Diva PD
Letting to product speak for itself
Дизайн упаковки колбасы
You can learn a lot through a culture’s food, and one thing that is quintessentially Spanish is Ibérico Ham. Otoño is a premium brand of Ibérico Spanish ham made from free-range pigs that were raised in a sustainable environment. Tres Tipos Gráficos developed the packaging for Otoño, keeping in mind the the meaning of the brand name. Otoño means “Autumn,” referring to the time of year when trees produce acorns, which are vital to the quality and distinction of the product.
Blue Goose Pure Foods designed by Sid Lee #packaging #design:
When a design agency creates a piece of self promotional work, they often like to promote the less well-known or quirky aspects of their company. I Love Dust chose to do this when they created this...