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Tyra Banks began her modelling career in the early and since then has appeared on various TV shows, films and campaigns. The model has modeled for companies including ELLE, Victoria's Secrets, Chanel and Fendi.

brain and spinal cord, Thomas Geminus, 16th century

Engraving of the brain and cranial nerves by Thomas Geminus from the mid century. On Wednesday, March Nobel Prize winning neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel will be discussing the brain and how it.

Nicolas Henri Jacob

☞ MD ☆☆☆ Nicolas Henri Jacob - Illustration for Trait complet de lanatomie de lhomme comprenant la mdecine opratoire by Jean-Baptiste Marc Bourgery Lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes of the neck and thorax.

Nicolas Henri Jacob

Autonomic nerves of the face, neck, thorax and abdomen by Nicolas Henri Jacob from ‘Traité complet de l’anatomie de l’homme’ by Marc Jean Bourgery, to show branches of the trigeminal nerve (cranial nerve V), glossopharyngeal nerve (cranial


Wudang Drunken Fist performed by a Taoist from Beijing White Cloud Temple (Baiyun Guan), the headquarter of Chinese Taoist Association.