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Atrakcje turystyczne Londyn

Atrakcje turystyczne Londyn

Plan zwiedzania Londynu – 8 atrakcji jednego dnia

Plan zwiedzania Londynu – 8 atrakcji jednego dnia

MindMeister for mind mapping

Create, share and collaboratively work on mind maps with MindMeister, the leading online mind mapping software. Includes apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming

Visit the MindMeister to learn everything you need to know about mind mapping! The training is free and offers countless tips, step-by-step guides, exercises and sample mind maps.

Neuroedukacja - ciekawe artykuły

Blue Brain Project has the intermediate goal to reach Whole Brain Simulation, if we can easily represent the gross function of Brain, many ways are open for us.

Mindomo - mind mapping made easy

Mindomo is an online mapping tool. It's neat because you can collaborate in real-time with others and share/embed what you've created. You can create up to three mind maps for free