Dominika Penkała

Dominika Penkała

Dominika Penkała
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Лавеллан от KuroCyou — SkeletonsInMyCloset

“he wore his hopes like a crown ” [[MORE]]I cannot express how lucky I feel to have been commissioned by to draw Fael in a flower crown. I was given money for drawing my.

SnCinder — nipuni: Ties of blood, Crowns of bone

26 / female / Russia Completely in love with Dragon Age series and elves Commission status: closed

paladinalenko,Серый страж,DA персонажи,Dragon Age,фэндомы,DA таро,DAO

paladinalenko: “I commissioned for an interpretation of the justice tarot card for my city elf warden, Irdes, and holy crap….this is somehow even better than i expected. Definitely check out their art and consider commissioning them because.