13 incredible facts about your eyes

13 incredible facts about your eyes remember Dorothy "can you turn my eyes blue to match my dress" gale

hahaha be funny, but probably freak some people out

Step Tie these balloons to your car Step Drive like a bat out of hell. Step Watch people freak out!

Perfectly Timed Pics on

Perfectly Timed Pics on

Haha :D what about a sink or even a toilet? I always think of you with pranks, hmmm


Slender is just a game.. wait.. WHAT?!

Nothing to say...

Nothing to say...

I have seen many variations of this quote ad artwork to go along with it, but I have to say, this version is my favourite.


To takie prawdziwe XD PS Hahahahaha pozdro dla tych co będą to tłumaczyć XD