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the instagram page shows an image of a bathroom
Le miroir rond, cet indispensable déco à nos intérieurs - Elle Décoration
Le miroir rond dans une salle de bains pour jouer sur les volumes
a modern bathroom with black and white herringbone tile
North Fitzroy House by MMAD Architecture | HomeAdore
North Fitzroy House by Dimpat | HomeAdore
a white sink sitting under a round mirror
Ideas para equipar el baño a la última
Ideas para equipar el baño a la última
an image of a bathroom with marble walls and flooring, including the shower area
Bedroom Concepts | Architecture & Home Decorating Ideas
marble and copper shower More
two people are hanging out in the snow with orange surfboards attached to a pole
Toronto lifeguard towers converted into winter pavilions
Lifeguard outposts along Toronto's frozen waterfront have been converted into a series of installations and pavilions including a set of bright red swings
there are many white nets on the ground
Higher Atlas / Barkow Leibinger
Higher Atlas - Marrakech, 2012 Gustav Düsing via for #installation #material
an unusual building in the middle of a field with people standing around it and trees behind it
Dezeen's guide to... Serpentine Gallery Pavilions | Dezeen
Intitulada Dezoito Turns, origami design inspirado de Libeskind destacou a beleza dos jardins em Hyde Park e sua conexão com o Gallery. Este pavilhão foi criado a partir de aviões metálicos, vestida com painéis de alumínio que refletem criados dinamicamente planos de luz, assim como o parque circundante.
two photographs of a building with wooden slats hanging from it's sides and an open air area on the other side
Kengo Kuma - International Garden and Horticulture Exhibition
Kengo Kuma - International Garden and Horticulture Exhibition
an empty room with wooden slats covering the floor
Design and Architecture
a building with wooden slats on the side and lights at the entrance to it
Tales Pavilion by Luca Nichetto
three black and white photographs of an object that looks like a plane or boat with its wings folded over it
Always in Studio
18.36.54 House - Daniel Libeskind
three different views of an unusual building
wood automan Pavilion
two people sitting at a white table in an open air space with windows on the roof
Ambient 30_60 pavilion by Umwelt featured metal frames and roof holes
Trees and exhibition stands line up with skylights inside Umwelt's Ambient 30_60 pavilion
three different views of the same building with white and black architecture on it, including an open
pavillon Bloomberg d’Akihisa Hirata situé devant l’entrée principale du Musée d’Art Contemporain de Tokyo