How Vegans Save Infographic

Save animals, yourself and the planet! This is a beautiful representation of how much suffering can be alleviated from adopting a vegan diet. But you don't need to dive in overnight - even eliminating a SINGLE meat meal in your week can have an impact!

Zeitgeist week 23 - MAKE EMPATHY GREAT AGAIN. Are people less empathetic than they used to be? Recent studies find a decline in empathy among youth.

plant based princess vegan t-shirt

Plant based princess vegan t-shirt

Eating Animals Is Weird Unisex Grey/Black Tee

Eating Animals Is Weird Grey/Black Unisex Tee

Isnt it weird that some people still eat animals? Take a stand for animals, and look sexy as fuck doing it in this Cotton, Polyester Unisex fashion cut blend.

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MeatNoEat is a group of vegans making being vegan fun. Find Vegan Recipes, Vegan Restaurants and Vegan Food to make the most of your vegan experience.

I never made the connection until I began to breastfeed my child. I cannot imagine someone taking away my baby just so another species could drink my milk! The suffering the mother cow and baby cow go through is awful. They cry for each other for daysssss. End all the cruelty!

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