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Perun and Saint Tree of the Slavs

Perun - Old Slavic God of storms, thunder and lightning. Perunovým attribute of the ax - the weapon of Slavic warriors. The tree was dedicated to Perun Dub. It was Perun and donor harvest next Dažboga and Veles.

YA fantasy based on Polish folklore.

Who says adults can't read fairy tales? Check out these fairy tale retellings for adults, including Uprooted by Naomi Novik.

The Rusalka (pl. Rusalki or rusalky) , in Slavic folklore, is a lake-dwelling soul of a beautiful maiden who was drowned (whether accidentally or purposely).

Rusalka This one comes to us from Slavic mythology. Believed to be the souls of murdered young women who died in or near lakes, they haunt the waterside until their murder is avenged but aren’t always violent.

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Illustration for the fairy tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful", 1900 Ivan Bilibin. Baba Yaga is a Russian folk character. She shows up in many Russian fairytales. Ivan Bilibin is a famous Russian artist who created series of folk pictures.