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"Unification Undone" by avensis 32son (Poland, Lithuania, Austria, Germany ) #polandball #countryball #flagball

"Unification Undone" by avensis (Poland, Lithuania, Austria, Germany ) son ur in big trouble

Hetavision 2016 Album Covers Poland Amymone Yearns For Home 。◕‿◕。

[Hetalia] What Color Is Your Life - Poland - Eurovision 2016 [Vietsub]

Poland Hetalia Eurovision (Hetavision) 2016

if I had some money, I would have voted for Poland - jdrn

prussia and  fem!poland

I love Pru Liech! Because they are historically accurate. Prussia was very protective of the Liechtenstein region in the Middle Ages.

Poland and Lithuania

(Hetalia Axis Powers poster official Poland Lithuania) But of course ^_^