this is an odd doll but l love the concept of the dress and that she is sooo tall.


Beautiful faceless dolls for my little Muslim Princess! 😍 - Made by Agah

Mario Brothers themed rug! We think it might just be perfect for one of our media rooms!

Another 15 Weirdest Rugs and Carpets - cool rugs, funny carpet

made by agah

Fabric Doll Guardian Angel Fabric Doll Rag Doll Girl in Ladybug Dress with Blond Braids diy fashion Eco tote bag.

Handmade Rag Dolls Eco Friendly One of a Kind by palomitaragdolls

Handmade Rag Dolls Eco Friendly Soft Cloth by palomitaragdolls (Etsy)

big fat knit stools

Look at the pillow knitting is so unique and funny.Fun Knitted Stool Cushions Photos fun knitted stool cushions by Claire-Anne O’Brien is really charming.O’Brien is from Ireland and has


Burgundy Shank Buttons 4 pcs

Tilda Doll Great Angel Grand Ange by lallehandmade

Seaside dolls for Coastal Creatives Gallery by Annie Montgomerie on Flickr

Poupée Marine III (Coastal Creatives Gallery by Annie Montgomerie)