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a man is washing his hands in the bathroom sink
Linda Casa de Croissants - Casa de Valentina
an old armoire is turned into a wardrobe
Room Tour – Felix Room | FELIX | thewaywestroll
Painted old wardrobe
an orange sign hanging from the side of a building next to a door and window
길을 가다 예쁜 가게를 보면 발걸음을 멈추고 돌아보게 됩니다 사진으로만 봐도 재미있네요 ^^
an empty hallway with white frames on the wall and a black chair in the middle
white hallway
white on white would like to leave blank and slowly fill over the years with b/w photos of friends, family, travels, slowly fill the wall like a timeline
the instructions for how to make your own barn door from an old washer and dryer
DIY Mini Barn Doors…a complete tutorial
So awesome! With just $10 worth of repurposed hardware anyone can totally make these!
two pictures side by side with different designs on the wall and in the middle, there is a dining room
20 maneiras de como usar formas hexagonais na casa
a living room filled with furniture and a deer head mounted to the wall above it
| S T Y L O S O F I E 's choice | styling, decoration & interior concepts | |
a skateboard with lights attached to the side of it hanging on a white wall
the number 32 is mounted to the side of a brick building with blue paint on it
Dental gloss: Silvosa París Arquitectura’s minty fresh design for a Spanish clinic
A minimalist dental surgery by Silvosa París Arquitectura | Wallpaper*
an image of a wall made out of wood sticks
Paper Tube Food Kiosks
Paper Tube Food Kiosks : fast food kiosk
a modern living room with black and white walls, grey couches, and a fire place
And Some More Nice
J'adore les lumières encastrées dans une section noire du plafond | Meta Interiors
an empty hallway with wooden walls and white flooring in the center, leading to a reception area
Bruce B./Emmy B. Design Agency Offices Revisited | Office Snapshots
beautiful shingle wall at Bruce B/Emmy B design agency:
an office with a phone on the wall
Macrokiosk - Kuala Lumpur Offices | Office Snapshots
Macrokiosk | Kuala Lumpur Offices | The Space is built upon the five elements that governs the business model of Macrokiosk – functional, engaging, collaborative, creative and innovative – where the essence of powering connectivity is interwoven into its design approach. Spearheaded by Macrokiosk’s internal workspace design team in collaboration with a local interior design and built company, The Space is a continuity of a branding exercise to streamline the workspace design concept.
two men working on some stairs in a building
Como hacer escalera empotrada en muro
Como hacer escalera empotrada en muro - Albañilería -
two fire extinguishers are drawn on the wall
Tableau Software
Tableau are a software success story from the States, who have recently set up home in London. We were commissioned to create a comprehensive custom art scheme for their London HQ, with the aim of filling the white space and connecting the office’s two separate floors, all the while adding a sense of the company’s