Dorota Drozd
Dorota Drozd
Dorota Drozd

Dorota Drozd

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Student Teaching 101: Art Edu: Advance Ceramics: Week 13 Bowls inspired by nature

This beautiful red flower glass bowl has a rough textured centre. The bowl measures approximately 10” in diameter & 2 deep. This bowl is

Ceramics by Pat Short at - 2015.

Burlap Tray in White with Gold Stripe - Small

Shop updated every Tuesday! Burlap Platter with Gold Stripe by Suite One Studio

Octopus Ceramic Measuring Spoons

One of my favorite discoveries at Octopus Ceramic Measuring Spoons

Would love to try to make something like this... would be so great for dishes that go with sauces, like the majority of my favorite foods. :-)

A little fun with clay #ceramics #art #octopus by bmi11er

DIY Frame Shelves

Learn how to make these cute and simple DIY frame shelves! Such a great way to reuse old frames or to dress up frames.