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This Unofficial Fast And Furious 7 Poster Will Make #PaulWalker Fans Cry! This fan made poster brilliantly respects the late actor. Click the pic for more Fast & Furious news #RIP #PaulWalker

THE FINE ART DINER: Fast & Furious Poster & Latest News. The first image from the April 2015 release for Fast & Furious 7 has been released, along with the latest news of what film makers intend to do regarding the character Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker).

3 REASONS EVERY MUSICIAN NEEDS TO HAVE AN APP - Music doesn’t sell like it used to, a few years ago. In the age of streaming, not only album sales are plummeting but music downloads as well. Resultantly, at the end of the day, music bands and artists are left with just an insignificant fraction of royalties.

There are many fan engagement apps designed with the on-the-go musician in mind. Here are 8 essential apps to acquire and interact with fans.

Finding my way...

When we are our own best friend, we feel at home wherever we are. A daily meditation practice helps me connect to my basic goodness and make friends with my situation.

Simple. Brilliant. Happy. Prints sold here: http://www.merchline.com/moodgadget/

Never confuse happiness with comfortability. To be truly happy suggests that growth is taking place somewhere. The best part about life is.you get to choose where. Sometimes happiness is a feeling. Other times it's a decision.

Do you still manually dial the numbers of the people closest to you or just use your phone's contacts app?

There's just one word for the illustrations of John Holcroft: smart. In his work metaphor abounds and humorous juxtaposition is rampant.

Neon Green Question Mark Clear iPhone 6/6S Case

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