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Sandor Clegane wants his chickens. by on @DeviantArt

the fucking chickens original Games of Thrones - The Hound Sandor Clegane wants his chickens.

L'oric: High Mage of The Rebellion by on @DeviantArt

L'oric was an fun yet difficult character to design due to the lack of concrete details about him or the Tiste Liosan race in general. L'oric: High Mage of The Rebellion

Odprysk Księżyca

Moon's Spawn from Malazan Book Of The Fallen by InvisibleFrame on DeviantArt




Burning down the House (of Chains)! - "Malazan Book of the Fallen" / Steven Erikson - Dejan All Rights Reserved. All the materials contained in my deviantART gallery may not.


Malazan by Corporal--Nobbs on DeviantArt


"Dark elf babe that can turn into a massive dragon." - Excerpt from Korlat's Tinder account As always, let me know what you guys think! Korlat: Second to Anomander Rake


Among the many, many, MANY characters introduced in "Gardens of the Moon", Kruppe is a fan favorite due to his peculiar way of speaking of himself in the third person.

Mok: Trzeci Seguleh

This was one of my favorite characters to draw because of the intricate tattooing on his face and body. He kind of reminds me of the guy from AHS Freak Show. Edit Made face more realistic.