Dobra Sudnikowicz

Dobra Sudnikowicz

Dobra Sudnikowicz
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I like the bold Roman numerals, it can look dramatic with our black and white images & heirbooks

Book design for fashion designer KI Kinnunen’s written master’s thesis. Like its content, the layout for Faraday Suit – Vestural Retreats for Electrospheres was influenced by science and designed in line with the identity created for the fashion brand

Now THAT's a newspaper! #uberzeitung [supernewspaper] #HelpPrintThrive

size and scale could be important and relevant to the subject matter of the zine. Now THAT's a newspaper! I love how his paper goes against some "type rules" but does it effectively and makes for a very interesting and different design.

100 Day Editorial. This is a personal project I've been working on recently. I decided to design an editorial piece every day for 100 days. This project aims to create space for creation and endless graphic possibilities. This helped me to explore new styles and make use of different mediums.

Malta-based UI/UX designer who is very passionate about the way design can be used to solve various kinds of problems, whether it’s simply a slight change in a typeface or a complete brand revamp.