Dominisia Patrycja Mokrogulska

Dominisia Patrycja Mokrogulska

Dominisia Patrycja Mokrogulska
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I Just Love Tiny Houses!: Small Space Storage

Pull-out bathroom storage behind the shower plumbing wall. All that storage and easy access to the plumbing when you need it! What a great idea for a Tiny House or a Tiny bathroom.

Barefoot sandals, bohemian wedding, boho style - wedding - crystal

Gypsy inspired rhinestone barefoot sandals for festivals and weddings. My newest silver jeweled beach wedding foot jewelry with a boho twist. What makes these fun jeweled barefoot sandals so great fo

The Perfect Office - Love Hulten Astovox Hi-Fi, WD 4TB Wireless My Passport HD, Office Ideas and More

There are so many cool stuff out there that we could assemble infinite perfect office spaces every week!

Quando o espaço é pequeno, precisa sobrar imaginação: móveis únicos e multifuncionais, além de soluções que mostram em vez de esconder deixam o ambiente muito mais divertido...

This but use those ledges for pictures & boards & stuff so you can always change it to whatever you want or need! Love it! Solves the whole 'Where to hang stuff' problem, no longer a problem!