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Kylo Ren sketch by CaptBexx on DeviantArt

Oh I really like the style! The man himself on the other hand. Or boy, rather. Kylo Ren sketch by CaptBexx on DeviantArt

felicity jones | Tumblr

rapidashpatronus: “satmolly: “Jyn in Disney Animated style! I love her tbh she needs so many hugs ” I love this it is beautiful and so are you for making it and so is my terrifying child I love her forever ” Omg what a wonderful thing to hear!

The gang

decided to update the designs of these dorks from an old AU I was fond of drawing (some pieces of evidence are residing in my gallery now) Original Trio (star wars teens AU)

She's carrying twins COMMISSIONS OPEN

freetilltheendoftheline: “ carnivalsofsilverfish: “She’s carrying twins ” This is one of my favorite Star Wars fan arts.