#sasuke #uchiha

It took him awhile,but he grew up. <<<<<<<<<<<<He grew out of his duck butt hair style😂

Cute little Itachi and Sasuke. Hahahah!

Sasuke and itachi XD if susuke was like this as a kid.i feel so sorry for itachi XD

That explains so much :D

Omg, I always thought the computer guy was chewing on a chord.wow, I feel incompetent.>>>what has been seen can not be unseen.

I'm dying. #itachi #sasuke #naruto

Lol a funny gif from the saddest moment in Naruto. maybe i laughed too much because these are real tears coing out of my eyes

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Like not only did she save the lives of many, she surpassed LADY TSUNADE the hokage and not only that.she married an Uchiha like cmon. Go Sakura!