Is this making yOU laugh as much as me.

PEE LACE theo🦋 on

Omg! I can't stop laughing! Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are like my favorite actors!

my pin is cooler then your pin, LIV! Hmmm, sorry not quite. (Sherlock bbc is really a show about epic facial expressions)

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benedict timothy carlton cumberbatch (sherlock holmes) / martin john c. john h. watson) i find this art way to attractive. (15 jan 2017)

There is at least one benefit in being from

tetraorb: “ There is at least one benefit in being from Russia. I’ve already watched the latest episode. I wanted to draw somethin so hard… so. not to spoil anything - just Sherlock playing.

Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty in 'Sherlock'

I really shouldn't like this… BUT I LOVE IT <-- so jim is scar and sherlock is mufasa--I mean he did make him fall to his doom--minus being deaded by stampeding wildebeests.-----does john count as Simba?

"It's not a game anymore" / #sherlock #season4 #fanart

prettyrealisticjohnlockfanart: “ meetingyourmaker: “ It’s Not A Game Anymore I saw recent promo pic and decided to play around it. ” OMG this is such amazing symbolism for fandom atm though.

The Man With A Key by hakuku (15 feb 2012)

Hey look Sherlock, and Moriarty hangin out like normal bro's. Well normal from Sherlock, and Moriartys point of view I guess<-- this lol. Jam time for Moriarty and Sherlock! Sherlock plays and Moriarty dances. Jawn: *did someone say jam?

Mycroft quote this goes on the front door before you knock/Ring my door bell ROFL! I need this shirt!



The thing that most american sherlockians don't realize is, in England "trousers" are "pants", and "pants" are "underwear". John isn't talking about Sherlock's pants he's talking about his underwear. One of my favorite scenes.