Diana Bednarczyk

Diana Bednarczyk

Diana Bednarczyk
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Draco taking Scorpius to the pet store hahaha

by ~Dendraica on deviantART. Scorpius finds the pet of his dreams - a white ferret that is his dad Draco the amazing bounceing ferret

If the Wizarding world had peeps....Ok I know that lucias malfoy didn't like his son very much from what we've seen and read, but this shows a beautiful relationship.

the Malfoys are so snobbish and well-mannered so its obviously funny to see Lucius and Draco throwing peeps at each other.

Short Comic Of Doom - 7 by gilll on DeviantArt

Note: This comic was drawn before I knew Snape was a double agent! This idea popped to my mind last night and I had to do . Short Comic Of Doom - 7

Lucius and Severus

Lucius and Severus

Short Comic Of Doom 17 by gilll

Its a new SCOD! IMO, James has the shiniest hair in the history of television. It took me ages to come up with an idea! Short Comic Of Doom 17

Short Comic Of Doom - 8 by gilll on DeviantArt

This is for , who kinda gave me the idea Snape and Lucius, folks! And no, Lucius is not naked. He's wearing shorts! *sigh* Short Comic Of Doom - 8