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Confidence Self-Worth Expression Switchword

I need switchwords to attract job. I moved to Australia in 2010 and since then I am struggling to find job. Main reason is my self limiting blocks. I am afrai…

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Sharing some Energy Circles

The weather is becoming very hot and this affects us, please remember to neutralize the ill effects of the weather upon yourself and your family at least once a day. People are affected by the change of energy and are getting crazier, it is important to neutralize the ill effects of the energy of the people you associate with everyday. Thank you Love Alan Together-Divine-Love Use this Energy Circle to balance the brain, simply print and paste it on a wall, keep you, your family and people in…

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Against Hair Loss - 5484121 - Grabovoi Numbers

##Important - In case of health problems always consult a physician.##What are Grabovoi Numbers?Grabovoi numbers use Radionic signatures to heal various heal...

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How I Grew My Natural Short Hair | My 7 Month Hair Growth Results – Hair Care Tips

The Loss Of Hair Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Hair[masterslider id="13"]If you have become aware that you

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Sharing a Useful Energy Circle for March 2016

Toxic Emotions RELEASE The EC Given below is to be used as a water charging , under pillow EC. No need to write name or place picture on it. It has some excellent Defusing Words that help you overcome harshness from verbal attacks, distasteful speech and false allegations. You may ask, we are allowed only 3 per EC....this one is used for all the goodness of the DW and not exactly to broadcast. Use it by all means and avoid any confusion. It is SIMPLE. You may also print laminate and leave it…

Invoking the Elements Digital Download Book of Shadows Pages - Wiccan - Witch - Spells - BOS - Elements - Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Téléchargement instantané invoquant les éléments de l’air, de la terre, du feu et de l’eau. Vous obtenez quatre (4) 8,5 x 11 » feuilles complètes. Chaque feuille a un arrière-plan qui représente chaque élément. Ce sont des fichiers Jpeg pour vous d’imprimer encore et encore. Ce ne sont pas des

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Ausbildung Geistiges Heilen • Deutsche Heilerschule - Quantenheilung & Geistiges Heilen

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GIGGLE! GIGGLE! GIGGLE! No I am not laughing at anyone or anything..I was just just trying my hand at Switchwords to get into the mood for writing! We all have heard of manifesting our reality thro…

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