Aperture settings

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the diagram shows how people are walking in different directions
Photography cheat sheets: camera reference guides for visual learners!
Depth of field: free photography cheat sheet - drag and drop to download
a black and white photo of a dog's face
Shallow depth of field gives this a real arty look.
black and white photo of woman's face with eyeliners on her eyes
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depth of field portrait
four different images of flowers and plants in black and white, with the same color
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Depth of Field
a woman standing in a field with her arms up
Aperture / Depth of Field
two pictures of white flowers with yellow centers
depth of field
a series of photographs with different shapes and sizes
camera aperture settings
four different pictures of a woman's face
How to Take Better Pictures: What is Aperture? - fANNEtastic food
How to Take Better Pictures: What is Aperture?
an array of different colored crayons arranged in rows
an eye is being held up with a camera in it's left hand and the right
Simple Camera Tips Series: Aperture explained!
Photography: Aperture explained
the bird is sitting on top of the tree and has four parts labeled in it
Understanding focal length and aperture value
the sun and clouds are shown in white on a black background with text that reads sunny 16
"Sunny 16 Rule - Special Edition" Essential T-Shirt for Sale by Alessandro Arcidiacono
Aperture tips
an info sheet showing the different types of lens sizes and their corresponding lenses for photography
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Aperture Cheat Sheet - WAHOO!!! This helps SO MUCH!