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an empty street lined with stone houses in the middle of a forest covered hill side
The Picturesque Village of Castle Combe in the Autumn, Wiltshire, England by Joe Daniel Price on 500px
the water is blue and clear in this photo
Croatia, Dubrovnik, the Beautiful Mediterranean Landscape
the water is clear and blue in this cave with carvings on it's walls
Rio,Xcaret, Quintana Roo Mexico, Riviera Maya
Mayan entrance in the caves of Xcaret, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
a very tall building sitting on top of a hill
Pearls of architecture-Church- Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain
an old building covered in ivy and lit up by the light of candles at night
Dusk, Oxford, England
two boats floating in the blue water near cliffs
imgfave - Amazing and inspiring images
the rolling hills are covered in bright green grass
95 Places To See In Europe: European Guide | Spaghetti Traveller
Tuscany, Italy
an orange sunset over a city with bridges
Four Bridges of Florence, Italy (already been there)
a bike parked on the side of a cobblestone street next to tall buildings
Today Was a Fairytale
Como, Italy
the inside of a building with a mosaic on it
Holy Land – Transfigured on Mount Tabor
Holy Land – Transfigured on Mount Tabor
a large house sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to a lake filled with water
Kylemore Abbey, County Galway, Ireland by Peter McCabe
Kylemore Abbey, County Galway, Ireland; photo by Peter McCabe
a mountain range with the words you can make many plans, but the lord's purpose will prevail provebs 19 21 11 - 21
#251 - Wilson Mesa by Wayne Boland / 500px
Colorado. Estados Unidos
people are swimming in the clear blue water near a sailboat that is anchored at an idyllic beach
Voutoumi Beach, Antipaxos, Ionian Islands, Greece
several sailboats are sailing in the clear blue water on a beach with white sand