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斗战神 的一些场景原画和物件设计 ,画场景原画的妹子,希望多多交流! - 2D原创作品—(原画、插画、同人合并) - 原画人CG艺术家联盟

Some scenes fighting Ares original paintings and objects design, painting scenes of the original painting's sister, hope more exchanges! - original works - (original painting, illustration, colleagues merger) - the original painting people CG Artists

Harvest Moon

"Road To Nowhere- Supermoon" - Supermoon rises over this road to nowhere in eastern South Dakota. Photo by : Aaron J. I have seen a Supermoon in South Dakota before and I will NEVER forget it. it's amazing!


He winked. Please give me a moment to fangirl! *licks screen* I have lick you Sebastian, now you are MINE!

DragonLand Concept Art

I came across Alex Kim a while ago and was blown away by his work. He's built up an audience on deviantART, but I'm surprised that his works . The Sci-Fi Paintings of Alex Kim