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Trekking in Central - Turkey

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Guided mountain trips for groups, families, individuals, ... in the Aladaglar National Park (Taurus Mountains).

Summer camping in the Aladaglar National Park in Central-Turkey (Emli camp at 1800 m) with Demavend Travel.

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Camping with a perfect service in the Aladaglar National Park.

Women trekking in the Taurus Mountains with Demavend Travel in Turkey.

Trekking with children is possible in the Aladaglar Mountains (Central-Turkey). Your luggage is carried by horses and parents don't have to worry about cooking or setting up tents in our nomad style campsites. You also have the chance to take part in the authentic rural life in a Turkish mountain village. Mail for your alternative family holiday in Turkey:

Location of the Aladaglar mountains (part of the Taurus Mountain range) in Turkey.

One of the turquoise lakes at the seven lakes plateau (3000m) in the Aladaglar (= Ala mountains in Turkish) National Park.

Summer trekking in the protected Aladaglar national park along beautiful mountain lakes.