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Delira Ex Machina
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Well framed Halloween art.

This picture represents the blood of other men that MacBeth uses for his own pleasure. In act 3 scene MacBeth kills his friend Banquo out of fear of losing his power of the thrown. This is one example of Macbeth shedding others blood for his own sake.

Cool Submarines

Blackwings are the U. Navy's new reconnaissance drones that can be tube-launched from submarines and unmanned underwater vehicles. The new tech was developed to counter Chinese advancements in anti-ship ballistic missiles.

Will someone go to an abandoned amusement park and take pictures with me?

Abandoned roller coaster at Lincoln Park in Dartmouth, Massachusets. About its decline: The park was successful until the when larger theme parks started to become more popular. A fatal accident on the park's 1946 "Comet" wooden roller coaster

A grave sculpture  #art

"This beautiful sculpture is called “Asleep” & was created by artist Peter Shipperheyn for the grave site of his friend Laurence Matheson. The sculpture was done upon request of Mr. Matheson’s widow, as a symbol of her undying love for her late husband.