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Each verse of 1 Corinthians 13 as pew or aisle decor.

Take each line from the verse and put on wood disks like this and hang each one in order on the rows of chairs as you walk towards to this idea from my favorite verse 1 Corinthians

Photo Background with wrapping paper or butcher paper and painters tape. Love this idea for photo backgrounds!

tape wrapping paper or fabric to the wall and floor for a great photo backdrop.totally going to do this with my son and christmas wrapping paper with his christmas outfit

Cool angle

Baby Photo Op: Love the idea of dad lifting baby in the air and capturing the picture from underneath.

LOVE this Save-the-Date too!

10 Creative Photo Save-the-Date Ideas

Save the dates: Paint it. An empty canvas and paint makes for a great save the date.

Saul Leiter - Mother And Baby In Mirror, 1950s

Shooting a reflection out of focus. This image shows the more realistic aspect of motherhood. How many times have you rocked your little one to sleep just like this? "Mother & Baby In Mirror" by Saul Leiter


There ARE men who love and protect. They walk a variety of paths in life with kind hearts.willing to help save a life. These men accept hurting and difficult people with compassion and

Pregnancy announcement idea: Dad, Mom, older sibling and baby-to-be's birth years.

Pregnancy announcement idea: Dad, Mom, older sibling and baby-to-be's birth years. [Love that it is the same years as Mike, me and Stephen but OBVIOUSLY no Baby Alley is Lol!

Beautiful sisters photo - this made me think of Audrey and wishing I had a picture of all three of my girls.


Romantic date idea: Go camping soon and snuggle up in front of the fire with the one I love, underneath the stars