Delfina Pacholska
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male reference pose by ~the-evil-legacy on deviantART

How to Put Together an 1870’s Dress by TzarinaRegina the vital layering instructions

Why...why would he be skating. His passion is water. I know that ice is just another state of matter of water, but wouldn't he prefer to be in the water not on it...? It's beautiful artwork though.

Hanyu Yuzuru, who isn't a character but is a real person, an exquisite figure skater

This is the most amazing drawing I'Ve ever seen. Kudos to the artist

Hetalia - Basch Zwingli "Switzerland" x Roderich Edelstein "Austria" - AustroSwiss

APH Switzerland x Nyo! Austria

Austria and Switzerland, Axis Powers Hetalia-cosplay

Switzerland and Austria back when Austria was cute

Ajufjsjsuwnsuauaheiskaisbdjdjenakao *dead*