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Female. 16. Non. Can shadow travel and see/speak/control  ghosts.Daughter of Pluto.

There is two types of spirits in this universe, the light and the dark. Shadow was light and Angel was dark. 'Is this what you really want me to be?

Kawaii anime girl meu projeto de vestido

Me hides various jewels of high value in the folds of her dress. either she's a master smuggler who has a great get rich quick scheme for girls or she's trying to get someone's attention

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She live in the shadow of a lonely girl. Always so quiet you don’t hear a word. When life is hard and you know how that little girl feels just know people are dealing with much worse. And to the.

CDR Masquerade: Hansel and Gretel by on @deviantART

CDR Event: Horror Masquerade ball Chime is Gretel while Mana is going to be Hansel~ uhuhuuuu~ I couldn't make Chime look super creepy. CDR Masquerade: Hansel and Gretel