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Sponsoring the Textile Festival, Poznań

Textile Festival emerged from the need to showcase the potential of Polish as well as international textile tradition in order to highlight the possibilities of contemporary textile applications. Dekoma was proud to be the Title Sponsor and co-organisor of this unique, innovative concept that can bring textiles back to the place where they belong.
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A part of an exhibit from the Architexture collection designed by Aleksandra Gaca, a well-known European designer. The focus is put on advantages of 3D woven fabrics which Ms Gaca is explores. Thanks to ribbed textures, Architexture panels absorb sound waves more efficiently than flat textiles. #3Dtextiles

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Dumplings, created by a Swedish designer Mia Cullin, made of thick wool felt and a ring of metal.#swedishdesign

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Another Architexture 3D panel by Aleksandra Gaca. #3dtextiles

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A different way of presenting fabrics. Pieces of textiles tied with a ribbon prepared for the Festival by Dekoma. #fabrics #design #Dekoma

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Slumber Pouf, another famous, hand finished work of art designed by Aleksandra Gaca. Made of mohair and wool, three-dimensional structures seem to be woven but as it occurs they are made using knitting techniques! #SlumberPouf

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The entrance of Concordia Design during the Festival #TextileFestival

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Concordia Design restaurant decorated with fabrics on the occasion of the Textile Festival. #lampshades

A part of the PLANKTON-PLANKTOS rug by Aleksandra Richert. Part of the Oceanic-Organic collection inspired by the richness of structures and colours of the underwater world – mainly coral reefs and the oceanic flora.

Fabrics Land, one of many workshops for children and their parents led by Warsztaty Agaty. #workshop #fabrics