Peter McFarlane

'Home' by Canadian artist Peter McFarlane. A silverware nest made from old silver spoons, knives forks. "A nostalgic view of youth and also my own 'empty nest' with our children leaving home this year. via Saatchi

Recycled Art Foundation

Awesome drinking straw art - face is very reminiscent of the V for Vendetta mask

Wings, by Who? ...Recycled excellent way for such ridiculous shoes to die.  #ecoart #recycle

Flip Flop Wings - What an awesome idea for using old flip flops! I'm sure a lot of people have old flip flops they don't use anymore that they could donate. We can have them write on the flip flops a place they've walked/travelled to!

Recycled Art Foundation

ruineshumaines: “ This is Connected, a self-portrait sculpture by artist Kasey McMahon. It’s made entirely of Cat 5 cables and other wires, wrapped around a steel frame.

Car Tires Art #Art, #Sculpture, #Tire, #Tyre

Car Tires Art

Adding to his career of turning everyday forgotten objects into pieces of art, Belgian artist Wim Delvoye created his latest series “Pneu” (French for tire). Using discarded tires, Wim hand carved incredibly intricate patterns using .

Recycle art with buttons and other objects.

Girl with a Pearl Earring: buttons & reclaimed plastics, glass, shells, stones

Doug/ D. Dotson

Lego green bike i wonder if it actually works i doubt it though but idk

Fine art from upcycled junk mail #Art, #FineArt, #Mosaic, #Portrait, #Recycled, #Repurpose, #Upcycled

Fine Art From Upcycled Junk Mail

Fine art from upcycled junk mail in art with upcycle repurpose recycle Portrait mosaic fine art Art

Beached art #Art, #Beach

Beached Art by Anke Paap

Beached art from the baltic sea for a coastal cleanup art project by artist Anke Paap.

Nick Gentry - recycled art

Switchblade mixed paint and used computer disks on wood, NIck Gentry

Paintings made of trash // Obrazy ze śmieci - Vik Muniz

Magna, Pictures from Garbage - Vik Muniz. As seem in the documentary "Wasteland"