Канцелярские принадлежности

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#Скрепки для бумаг Sardine OTOTO

Keep your ocean of pages neat and organized with Sardine paper clips.

#Набор магнитов "Колибри" Qualy

They are one of the sweetest creatures of this planet and to have them as these Hummingbird Message Magnets could only enhance every message you leave behi

#Держатель скрепок Blossom Qualy Фиолетовый

#Держатель скрепок Blossom Qualy Фиолетовый

#Степлер Paper Peg OTOTO Красный

Paper Peg is your little helper, he will sort out all the paper work he gets.

#Держатель магнитов Magnetic Squirrel&Acorn Qualy Оражевый

This super cute Qualy Squirrel & Acorn Magnet Holder with help you keep magnets in one very eye-catching easy to find place.

#Держатель магнитов Magnetic Egg Sparrow Qualy Зелёный

Need an assistant to help you post notes in your office? This little sparrow will lovingly watch over your magnets in his magnetic nest.

#Держатель канцелярских кнопок Squirrel&Acorn Qualy Зелёный

These adorable little squirrels promise to take care of your pushpins as well as they would look after their own acorns. Each set includes 8 acorn pushpins.

#Держатель скрепок Nest Sparrow Qualy Белый

#Держатель скрепок Nest Sparrow Qualy Белый

#Держатель записок Note Squirrel Qualy Оранжевый

This little squirrel promises to take care of your notes as well as he would look after his own acorns.