This private penthouse, located in Udine, Italy, was designed by Menzo Architettura & Design. The apartment’s visible wooden ceiling beams give it a ru

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amenajarea unui apartament la mansarda Setting up an attic apartment 7

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Read more and browse amazing attic kitchen design ideas. Take a look at our list with gorgeous attic kitchen and get yourself inspired.

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Kitchens aren’t often attic but of you have one, it’s not a problem! Decorating an attic space may be sometimes challenging but today there is a lot of .

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Sometimes no matter how it look charming, we can not find an appropriate solution for those few square meters on the top of the house.

Kuchnia na poddaszu!    #poddasze #dekoracje #dodatki #DecoArt24

We all love the loft spaces. But no matter how charming is that part of the house or apartment, sometimes simply it is not easy to make a solution, that wo