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Ideographics, transformation, texture, drawing, pastel, abstract photography, miscellaneous treatments

"Fish/Glass Orrery (after Constantin Brancusi, 1926)" by Steven Mark de Ciantis, BIAD-Alumni artist Caja~Miraculum (acrylic and pastel on paper 42cmx68cm)

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"OuLiPo #4" abstract art by Steven de Ciantis, 2012. Pastel on canvas (42cmx68cm). Copyright Steven Mark de Ciantis @Caja~Miraculum, 2012.

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"Mastrique" by Steven de Ciantis, 2012,. Pastel on paper 30cm x 42cm. A cubist stravaig through the city, it's car horns, calls from street vendors, "selling new herrings, beautiful roses, hat boxes and goldfish..."

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"Iceberg C-19 on Scorched Surface" Abstract Expressionist art by Steven de Ciantis, 2012. Oils, soft pastel on scorched canvas (60 cm x 32 cm). Copyright Steven Mark de Ciantis, 2012 @Caja~Miraculum, Steven de Ciantis, 2012

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"Jakobshavn Isbrae" by Steven de Ciantis, 2010. Pastel on paper, 30cm x 42cm. From my Glacial Art series.

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"Miracle Glass, Miracle Vacuum Said (Avila Reliquary in Memory Trace Stigmata)" new abstract art from Caja~Miraculum by BIAD Alumni Artist Steven de Ciantis [source copyright Caja~Miraculum, 2012] Abstract -Expressionism

ICEBERG C-19 Painting by Steven Mark de Ciantis


"ROOT OF TWO" #charcoal #pastel #art work-in-progress Steven Mark de Ciantis, 2014