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the book cover for industrial revolution build a city, design a transportation system, and explore inventors
Education with DocRunning
Students discover the Industrial Revolution in this set of engaging hands-on activities. Students can build a city, design transportation routes using three types of transportation, and explore inventions of the industrial revolution . We learn more through experience, and these activities give students the opportunity to experience aspects of the Industrial Revolution.This guide contains step-by-step guidelines, student handouts, materials list and informational texts.
the w - 2 battle of two jyma social studies simulation with text and pictures
Free Social Studies Simulation!
a bulletin board with several papers pinned to it's side and the words investigating primary & secondary sources written on them
A Crafty Teacher Turned New Mom
investigating primary and secondary sources
a hand is writing on a piece of paper with the words primary and secondary sources
Primary vs Secondary Sources
Lesson Plans, High School Lesson Plans
Seven Awesome Activities for Teaching World War 2
Heather LeBlanc - Brainy Apples
Great Depression dice game High School Social Studies
Great Depression dice game
Great Depression dice game