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roman war mask

Kult Of Athena - Helmets - - Roman Cavalry Helmet - The Roman Cavalry helmet is of the standard Gallic type with the addition of a solid brass face mask hinged at the top, and cheek pieces that fully cover the ears.

a cavalry mask of a Roman cavalry helmet, which was once covered with silver…

Historical Artefact Roman Kalkriese face mask - one of the few artifacts that survived battle of the Teutoburg Forest. In CE 20 000 roman soldiers legions) were wiped out by Germanic tribes.

Bronze mask coated with silver, Roman, 100-75 AD. The mask has a hinge at the…

Bronze mask coated with silver The mask has a hinge at the top, it was meant to cover the entire face but could be held up for better vision or fresh air. It is high Roman, 100 - 75 AD Found in The Netherlands, Nijmegen Source: Rijksmuseum van Oudheden