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four different colored images of people with their hands in the air
four different avatars from avatar series, with the main characters and their names on them
Princess Azula, Avatar Azula, Avatar Cartoon, Karakter Disney
anime characters standing in front of a cityscape with trees and buildings behind them
Creaturi Mitice, Summer Thunderstorm, Avatar: The Last Airbender
not mine
the avatars from avatar anime
an image of some people in the water with one person holding a book and two others looking
A Katara appreciation piece by [Joesire_] on IG.
A Katara appreciation piece by [Joesire_] on IG. - TheLastAirbender
Avatar Studios, Idee Cosplay
an image of a woman with long black hair wearing roman armor and holding her arms crossed
грішна (@hrlshnv) • Instagram photos and videos