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an image of japanese mask designs
店長の部屋Plus+ | 楽天ショップの店長ブログをご紹介!
From Samurai: Exquisite Warriors by Richard Beliveau. Guerriero Samurai, Samurai Helmet, Ancient Japan, Samurai Artwork, Japanese Warrior, Samurai Armor, Battle Armor
Gobelinus Regius
From Samurai: Exquisite Warriors by Richard Beliveau.
a man dressed in geisha clothing and holding a cane
《人间国宝》Bando Tamasburo患有小儿麻痹,为了康复训练而自幼学习歌舞伎表演,才华尽显,终成坂东玉三郎五代目。被称日本的人间国宝。此外,他还有一位终身御用摄影师——筱山纪信。他崇拜梅兰芳,把昆曲和歌舞伎融合在一起,颇受好
a statue of a samurai holding two swords
a silver and gold shoe with metal spikes on the soles is shown in front of a gray background
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an advertisement with many different types of hand and wrist gloves on it's side
*isolde voice* whoo ees thees wooman teeegan???
i-artemis-i: “ tutorial-thing on how I made articulated gauntlets for my Nobunaga Oda costume (samurai Warriors 2) I’m much better at updating my facebook page :D (also yes it contains typos. turns...
two steampunk gloves are sitting on a bed
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steampunk clothing | ... made Steampunk Robot Arm gauntlet. ... | Steampunk Clothing
an orange and black dragon mask sitting on top of a wooden table
Monster de Miss Monster Más
a man standing next to a wooden statue
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前田慶次 Maeda Keiji. Keiji's armor can be seen today at the Miyasaka Museum.
Kabuki - The Actor Danjuro Aikido, Kabuki Costume, Foto Art, Maneki Neko, Japanese Outfits
Kabuki - The Actor Danjuro